Black Pottery

Black Pottery is an epitome of raw beauty coming out with an incredible shine from the kiln. Dharamkot Studio is proudly working in the most natural ways to keep evolving with more natural techniques for the glaze and designs of black pottery.

Even though Black Pottery has been an ancient Himalayan technique, Dharamkot Studio’s uniqueness lies in its organic approach in the entire process. It is presumably one of the very few places where no chemical indulgence is there in the making of the black pottery.

The beauty of this eco-friendly approach is that the only raw material used for black pottery is clay, the entire process is chemicals free, without any use of artificial products, with a natural glaze in pots, and also that the end product is biodegradable and thus can be reused indefinitely. On top of that, you will be thrilled to know that we also use a strong eco-friendly packaging for shipping it to any part of the world. 

The process starts with creating pots with fine-textured clay using the potter’s wheel and hand building, after that clay pots are polished with quartz crystal for their signature shine, followed by blackening the pots in the kiln at a temperature of around 800 degrees Celsius. Smoke fired with Pine wood in enclosed kilns, which gives its unique shiny black surface. 

Black pottery items which one can purchase from a large variety of beautiful potsfor decoration, cookware, vessels, and items for several other purposes.