June 15 – November 30, 2021
Pottery Wheel Experience

Age – Above 14 years 
Duration- 2 hours
Time- 11am- 1pm and 2pm-4pm (Friday to Wednesday)
Fee- INR-1350/person  

Maximum number of participants- 5

In this two hours pottery wheel experience, participants will be explained and shown how to work on the pottery wheel. After a short introduction by the instructor each participant will be given a pottery wheel to work, during this session participants will be able to make shapes like cups, mugs and small vases.

This workshop is just for fun and a creative experience. After the workshop participants will not be able to take anything with them.

Two Days Workshop

Age – Above 14 years 
Duration- 2 hours/day
Time - 2pm-4pm (Friday to Wednesday)
Fee- INR-3600/person  

Maximum number of participants- 5

In this workshop you will able to understand whole process of making things with clay, not just creating pots but post steps also. Workshop includes 2 sessions, 2 hours each.

First session is based on pottery wheel while second session is based on post steps of making things functional and decorative. In the end of the workshop you will be able to make 2 Mugs and a planter after the workshop your pieces will be fired/glazed and couriered to your address.

Day 1 (2pm-4pm) – 2 hours session on the pottery wheel, making mugs….

Day 2 (2pm-4pm or 5pm-7pm) - 2 hours session will be based on beatifying pieces and learning post steps and process of pottery making  through- Attaching handle on mug/cups, attaching other objects, glazing (colors), trimming and texturing on pots.   

Workshop For Kids

Age – 4-13 years 
Duration - 1-2 hours
Time - 11am-12pm (Friday to Wednesday)
Fee - INR-700/person  

Maximum number of participants- 5-7

In this workshop kids will be given clay and tools, an instructor will help them to make things they want. Apart from making things with the hands each kid will be given a 15 minutes session on the pottery wheel.

  • Pre booking required for all the courses
  • Please reach 15 minutes before the session starts
5 Days Course

Age – Above 14 years 
Duration- 2 hours/day
Time- 5pm-7pm (Friday to Wednesday)
Fee- INR-3600/person  

Accommodation (optional) - INR 1000-1800/night (privet room)

Maximum number of participants- 5

During this course participants will be taught basics of working on the pottery wheel and with the hands, using different techniques.

This 5 days course is designed to make participants understanding the whole process of pottery.

  • Day 1 - Brief introduction about the process, session on pottery wheel
  • Day 2 - Session on pottery wheel
  • Day 3 - Session on pottery wheel
  • Day 4 - Making things with the hands using different techniques
  • Day 5 - Finishing all the pieces and doing art on the pieces

In the end of the course participants will be able to make 1kettle, 1vase, 2 mugs, 2 bowls, 1 planter and 1 piece of their choice. After the workshop your pieces will be fired/glazed and couriered to your address.

# this course include illustrative beginners guide as a study material.

Beginner's Course

Age – Above 18 years 
Duration - 6-8 hours/day
Time - 10am-6pm (Monday to Saturday)
Fee - INR-45000/person  

Accommodation (optional) - INR 20000-27000/month (private room with toilet, kitchen and wifi)

Maximum number of students- 2                                                    

We are opening applications for a one month beginner’s program in pottery and ceramics. It will be a full time course starting in August ,2021. We are accepting applications for the months of August, September, October and November. Applicants will be reviewed based on their applications post which they will be shortlisted for a telephonic interview.

During this workshop you will be trained on following aspects of pottery:

  • Preparation of clay
  • Throwing on the pottery wheel
  • Various techniques of hand building
  • Firing in a gas kiln
  • Glazing
  • How to plan/design your own studio


For all the courses and events we are taking full advance payment. Classes can be booked online or for cash payment you can drop by at the studio and book your slots.