“We believe that each one of us is creative. And the right space and people can help cultivate this creativity and bring your imagination to life.”

About Us

We’re an art studio using clay / ceramics as a medium, nestled in a quaint village in Himachal Pradesh. We started in 2019 in Dharamkot village with one pottery wheel, a few kgs of clay and a simple dream. We’re self taught artists from different background and with different stories; the Studio and art connect all of us together. We are always open to experimenting, learning, sharing and collaborating.


Studio space is approximately 3000 square feet in total, equipped to accommodate 32 people at a time. Open 9am-7pm every day, studio is divided in 2 places, just 10 minutes walk apart. Both places are equipped independently yet function as one unit.

Both places are well connected by road and have an amazing view of mountains. We use terracotta clay, pottery wheels, slab rollers, low-mid fire glazes and gas kilns.

Dharamkot studio is primarily a community art space where people can learn art and use the studio space/materials.

Studio itself is not making any products; artists make their work in the studio and sell on their own or from the studio. These artists and their products will be listed on the website shop very soon.