Dharamkot Studio is a pottery paradise, to give you a unique and magical experience, offering hands-on sessions on pottery.

Making something with your own hands, with an outpour of love and kindness, in itself has such a magical feel to it.

Being one of the five elements of life, earthen clay reconnects you to your roots, brings you closer to your inner self, grounds you and enhances your awareness. It supports you to grow mindfully and attunes you to the call of your soul. Imagine your happy self, when you get to look at the majestic Dhauladhar Ranges while you immerse your hands fully, moulding and creating, hands on, on the potter’s wheel, to create something out of nothing, beautiful pots and pieces of art, or even to just play with the different textures of clay, giving it a form of your own, filling it up with any story untold.

This is what Dharamkot Studio offers you.‘Handmade with love.’ Situated amidst serenity and simple neighbourhood, Dharamkot Studio is a peaceful art space with a contemporary and raw interior – a place that you cannot resist falling in love with.

The school acts as a cultural and artistic bridge, paving the way for new forms of artistic expression and experimentation.Students from all around the world gather at the studio, both restoring these ancient techniques in India and spreading them all over the world.

We are so happy to share with you that so far, over 500 students from more than 20 countries have come to DharamKot Studio, to learn, practice and immerse themselves in this incredible art form, just in 2019 alone.You may have never done it or tried this before, but that’s its beauty, it brings more value into your life, and enhances your life further more.

A little bit of everything is a beautiful way to explore and to understand oneself in little depths and meaning, and reconnect with ones true self, once again.

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