Basic Course

(30 days, for beginners)

Place- Art Retreat/ Dharamkot Studio

Admission- Ongoing

Age- above 18 years


INR 61000+taxes/person (course and materials)

INR 106000+taxes/person (course and materials with stay, all meals and private room)

Course description

It is a full time course (6-8 hours/day) for people with little or no experience in pottery. In this course you will learn all the basics- knowing the medium, materials, supplies, technical terms, tools, wheel throwing, hand building, bisque firing and glazing. To make an understanding about art there will be group discussions and other activities.

Course is conducted by a team of teachers, who are specialized in their fields. However there will be one teacher who will be coordinating the course. 

All the materials, tools, apron, hand towel will be provided.

Mainly we are working with terracotta and using low fired glazes in gas kilns.


All basic components of pottery/ceramics
• Clay preparation
• THROWING – making pots on wheel
• HAND-BUILDING- making different pieces without wheel
• Refining, finishing & Surface decoration of your pieces
• Glaze application – glassy surface covering to make pieces waterproof and colorful.
• Gas kiln firing – heating pottery pieces for strangeness and glaze
• How to plan/design your own studio


Q- What are the accommodation options there apart from the studio?

A- There are many home stays and hostels; just 10 minutes walk from the studio.

Q- Will there any weekly off? 

A- There will be no teaching session on Thursday but studio will be open for practice.

Q- Can my partner/friend come and live with me if only I am taking the course?

A- Yes, they can live with you, there will be extra charges of 1500/night including all meals.

Q- Can I start my own pottery studio after this course?

A- Yes you will be able to setup a small studio to start your journey.      

Q- Do I need to carry anything with me for the workshop?

A- No, everything will be provided.

For Booking or Queries

 Call us at 9816046575 or message us by clicking on the icon below.