beginners Course

(5-10 weeks)

Upcoming batches 

Batch 1: 10 march-13 April   
Batch 2: 15 Apr- 19 May 
Batch 3: 21 May- 24 June 
Batch 4: 1 Jul- 4 Aug 

Seats- 4 students/batch 

This course is designed for those who wish to learn pottery/ceramics and take it further as a profession or a serious hobby. It’s a full-time course, a thoughtful blend of technical guidance and artistic educational goals for students to bring up their skill levels.

This course is curated in 2 parts. Where Part 1 is an intensive learning experience focusing on learning all the basic aspects in the duration of 5 weeks. While the second part (extension course) is focused on self-reflective learning with mentoring whenever required.

The duration of the second part can be anywhere between 1-5 weeks, students can choose the duration of their extension course before or after completing the course. For a better understanding of ceramics/pottery, 5 weeks practice under a mentor is recommended. 

In the entire course we will be using mid-range (cone 5-7) stoneware clay/ glazes in electric and gas-fired kilns.

Part 1 (5 weeks)-  (intensive learning course)

Timing: 10am-5pm 6 days a week. 
Location – Studio-2 (art retreat centre) 
68000+taxes (including- all materials without stay and food)  
111750+taxes (including- twin shared stay, all meals and materials) 
138000+taxes (including- private room, all meals and materials)   

It is a full time learning experience. During this course you will learn all the basics like –

  • understanding clay as a medium, materials, tools, as well as recycling clay.
  • techniques of forming like wheel throwing, hand-building.
  • Brief introduction to techniques of production mould making, slip casting, jiggering.
  • basic understanding of glazes, glazing and firing.
  • Understanding design and possibilities for self-expression with clay.
  • Exposure visit: other studios/ local potters.
  • All these subjects include theory, demo, practice, tasks and discussions. 

Ceramics is a vast subject, learning pottery as a skill is a slow and dedication required process, making you feel overwhelmed at times and forfeited at others. 5 weeks of learning will create a basic understanding and confidence to pursue studio pottery.

Part 2 – (extension course)
Timing: 10am-5pm, 6 days a week. Duration- 1-5 weeks (optional)
Location- studio 1 (old studio)
Fees- 6000+ taxes/week (Materials and firing charges extra) 

Stay and meals are not provided in this course, there are many home stays/ guest houses around the studio which you can book once you are here.

This second part of the course is optional; you can choose to take it for 1 to 5 weeks. The purpose of this extension period is to provide students time and studio space for practice under a mentor.

These 5 weeks are focused on skill improvement and developing independence and confidence in students to prepare to start their own studio in future.

  • During this time period there will no teaching sessions
  • all the learning initiatives are supposed to be taken by the students as an Independent Study focusing on-
    • Skill improvement
    • Production skill-set
    • Learning through experimentation

      Independent study, provides the opportunity for supervised, focused study in an area or direction mutually agreed upon between student and mentor.

After this course also you will need a lot of practice and study to become a professional artist/potter. This course is just the first step towards your journey, in this field learning is a continuous process and your success/growth depends on your own efforts.

How to apply
To apply in this course write an email on 

Attach- your CV/Resume/portfolio
Write- Which batch do you want to join, the type of stay you would take, about yourself, your motivation to join this course, about if you have any prior experience with clay or any kind of art. 

Your email will be reviewed and replied in 3-5 days. There is no last date to join this course, admissions are on an availability basis.

Cancellation/rescheduling- Booking amount will be 30% of the total amount, which is non refundable. Your course can be rescheduled in any case of emergency.    


Q- Are the courses running all year?A- Usually yes, but only the next 6 months schedule will be on the website and available to book.    

Q- What are the other stay options near the studio, if I want to live outside the studio?
A- There are many guest houses/ homestays around the studio (10-15 minutes walk), we can provide you with a list with the contact number on request during the admission process. 

Q- Do I need to bring anything with me for the course? 
A- No, All the materials, tools, apron, hand towel will be provided.

Q- Can I start my own studio after this course? 
A- Yes, you can start a basic studio, there are many students who have started their studio after the beginners course. 

Q- Can I use the studio space after 10 weeks for more practice? If yes, what will be the charges? 
A- Yes, it depends on availability and you will have to apply for it separately. You can use the studio space for 500/day, material/firing cost will be extra.

Q- What is the difference between pottery and ceramics ? 

A- There is no difference, ceramics a is a modern terms for pottery and umbrella terms for any kind of clay like terracotta, stoneware, porcelain. Pottery is a part of ceramics while other things in the ceramics can be- floor tiles, bricks, washbasins and countless other things which includes different compositions of clay and glass. 

Q- Is there anything I need to know before I sign up for this course ? 

A- This course includes long sitting hours and physical work, we suggest avoiding taking this course if you have any physical/health issues. 


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